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Computers & Internet

This group is for sharing personal computer and Internet stories, as well as helping one another, when possible, with computer and Internet questions. more

Please click on "Read More" and read everything you find there before posting to this group. All posts should be limited to the topic, Computers & Internet.

Articles that are not relevant to the subject will be deleted. That includes any discussion of politics, and or, linking such articles and seeds to C & I. If we notice multiple irrelevant posts from a member, he/she will be booted. I will be glad to consider readmission to the group upon receiving a written commitment to stay on topic. Here is an article that elaborates on why we have this rule:

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This group is for personal stories about Computers and the Internet. C&I also seeks to inform about new technologies, and the ever present Malware threats. Have a problem concerning your computer, or the Internet? Maybe someone here may be able to help!